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video production

Various projects I've been involved in as a video producer, across my publishing roles at woo (ITV), Rolling Stone UK and Dazed Media.

a series of youtube videos documenting the behind the scenes of rollling stone uk's cover shoots + exclusive video interviews with the talent

cover shoot stories rsuk.png

an editorial campaign featuring 3 of the freshest musical talents in the uk sponsored by thomas sabo

porfolio cover art  (2).png

a social-first video campaign with pinterest showcasing their new idea pin feature with 4 creatives offering their advice for breaking into their respective industries

porfolio cover art  (1).png

to celebrate the 50th anniversary of david bowie's Ziggy Stardust, rolling stone uk teamed up with adobe to challenge 3 artists to recreate the iconic album cover

adobe x rolling stone uk.png

a series of short social-first video introducing woo's ones - the freshest talent of 2023

woos ones cover.png
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