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creative content

On this page you'll find social-first content that I have created and produced for various publishing brands like woo (ITV), Rolling Stone UK and Dazed Media.

A weekly tiktok format breaking down 3 style notes to help you unlock a celebrity's personal style.

celebrity style guides (1).png

From our favourite creators to our favourite DJs you can find my on-camera interviews for woo here.

interview and vox pops.png

From gatekeeping short stories to niche uk festivals, each week I present woo's most-read feature on our tiktok channel.

face-to-cam reporting cover.png

social-first video documenting woo's front row coverage of london fashion week, and the shows that made us feel something.,

london fashion week cover.png

short video interviews with brand founders from woo's marketplace sharing tips in their respective fields.

marketplace content.png

brit awards [rolling stone uk]

social media content for dazed's 2021 circa art competition

RSUK 2022 brit awards

instagram stills [rolling stone uk]

just a lot of instagram content from my time at rolling stone uk

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