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I'm Hollie.


I'm Hollie Hilton - the human behind the @FreelanceHollie pseudonym. I'm a social media strategist, with an Art History degree. 

In choosing to work exclusively for Artists and Art-related businesses, I pair my formal and informal educational training to offer bespoke services, that largely share the aims of expanding my clients' digital presence and making Art more accessible. 


After learning many of my technical skills on the job, first for my own accessories business and then for a reputable London gallery/educational institution (my alma mater), I have over two years experience in content creation, social media management, and online community building. 


Due to the nature of my industry and the clients I select, my services can be quite far reaching (take a look at some of my Case Studies for a quick overlook), but largely my work begins as a simple Social Media Management role - where I help you (or your business/gallery) create, write and schedule content for social media, in the aim of expanding your reach - and increasing sales / commissions / bookings etc (depending on your goals). 

'Creating content' can appear in many forms whether it be taking pictures for Instagram, hosting webinars, planning and executing YouTube videos - you can essentially think of me as an extra creative arm in all of your digital content needs. 

On top of creating assets, I do a lot of copywriting and copyediting for my clients, whether it be landing page content, press releases, blog posts or social media captions.

For many of my clients, my work even delves into assisting or administrative tasks, especially where I may be their only or first 'employee'. In recent times this has meant researching possible exhibition sites, printing services or being an artist's first point of contact for new opportunities. I am a great soundboard for developing and thrashing out new ideas and business developments. 

As a result, much of my work is carried out on a contractual time-basis, the minimum of which is 3 months (find out more about how I price my services).

I also do project based work - such as website redesign/consultation, single-event content creation and hosting. I am happy to quote you, if you have any project based work in mind please reach out using my contact form.

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I often share tips and guides on my social media channels for artists and art businesses, as well as write long-form blog content here revolving around all things art-world and digital domination.