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NEW! Client Website

It has been an honour working with Laurent Davidson, California-based Mobilist and Sculptural Artist, to create a new website to house his body of works.

An Artist's website can be many things: For some, it is a place to detail an Artist's profile, including lists of exhibitions and a taste of their artistic practice. For many, it acts as a place to document a history of works, where each new creation holds its place in line. Increasingly so, Artist's are taking ownership of the marketing and sales of their own works, circumventing the typical gallery-model, by using their website to sell their Art directly to collectors.

For Laurent, the website was an amalgamation of the above. So, needed to operate in a delicate balance, much like his Mobiles, where each moving part existed independently but in execution had to work together harmoniously. This meant that ensuring the website was easy to navigate, became a key logistic; and in aiming for consistency, we relied on a clean and simple design.

Another consideration, that is paramount for Artists operating in our digital age, was for the website to work seamlessly across a range of devices, including mobile and tablet. Users are increasingly browsing the web from mobile devices (accounting for approximately half of website traffic worldwide).

Since we were using SquareSpace to build the site, at Laurent's request, the site came automatically optimised for a range of viewing sizes, including mobile, and only entailed a few tweaks to text and image sizes.

The website launched on 4th February 2021 and can be viewed at

You can also see more details of this project, as well as the subsequent social media management I will be aiding with, in the case study I detailed on my site:

If you're interested in my web design or web content production services, please reach out!

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