Lets Talk... Artist Websites (Part Two)

In this series of blog posts: Lets Talk... Artist Websites, I delve into everything you need to know about creating and updating your Artist website.

In part two, I explore what it means to have an Artist website, and why it's more important than ever to have your best foot forward, digitally.

If you'd like to know more about HOW to create your Artist website, take a look at Part One.

So let's get to it..

Do Artists need a website?

If you're looking to reach a wider audience than those that already know you, or represent you can reach, then having a website dedicated to your work, is the best step to take.

Think of it like a digital portfolio, if not anything else, which allows people to find out more about your history as an Artist and your work, a document to keep up to date for your biggest fans and potential collectors, and an easy way to speak directly to those interested in your work.

Having a space, where you decide how you represent your work and your history, is freeing.

It can also help you pull more interest in.

When done right, a website can inform the content you create on social media, and provide a route for those that want to find out more about your work. Having a route, say, from Instagram post to Website About Page to Website Contact Page to reaching out to you directly, can ensure smoother interactions between you and potential collectors, gallerists, curators, critics etc.

Not everyone is willing to reach out in the DMs to ask questions about your work, or contact you about acquiring them. Having a website, is still a sign of legitimacy / professionalism to many.

Currently, you can do more on a website than you can on your Instagram Profile.

Your Website can Help You Take Control of the Sales of Your Work

On that note, don't forget about how much you can really do on your website. Such as literally sell your works independently.

It's great to have gallery representation, but, if you market yourself right in the digital sphere you could also see direct sales of your work, where nobody can take a commission cut.

But you could sell more than just your original works on your website, (and I highly recommend doing so).

If you've enticed someone enough to navigate to your website, you could sell smaller experiences of your works to get them hooked first, such as:

* Limited Edition Prints

* Postcards

* Works on Paper / Sketches

* Digital Downloads

Remember, your website is your claim of space in the digital sphere, you can do whatever you want there.

How to Decide if its Time to Build Your Website

It's time if:

* You get lots of engagement on social media, but can't convert that into real interest from collectors

* You want to take control of the sales of your work

* You'd like people to be able to find out more about your works

* You want to reach audiences far and wide

* You'd like to be able to capture the attention of those interested in your work for longer

Next week I'll be getting down to the nitty gritty and telling you some of the things you should be putting on your Artist Website!