Thanks to the lovely people at Eazyl, I've been invited to deliver a one hour seminar for their Artist Network. Eazy programme monthly events for Artists, which is just one way they nurture and support the Artists around them. Founded in Birmingham, Eazyl is an online art gallery / marketplace that allows Artists to sell their works online, and gives collectors the option to shop locally. In return, they take zero commission fee, which is a breath of fresh air on the art marketplace scene, that often sees them taking a 30% cut.

In my 'Social Media Power Hour for Artists' on 11 March at 5pm, I'll be discussing some of the mistakes you may want to avoid with social media, and suggesting some ways to rethink your approach, including recognising who you are talking to, what your audience responds to and some best practices that will help you grow along the way.

At the end of the session there will also be a Q&A, which will allow you to ask any questions you may have in approaching social media.

For those that may be interested in my Social Media Workshops in April, this event is a great taster for what is to come. Welcome to all, but of course directed towards Artists specifically, you can sign up to this free seminar below.

Link to sign up to the event: