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Content Scheduling for Beginners

Bulk creating content and scheduling it to post, in advance, is a great way to ensure you are posting consistently across all of your social media channels. It can also help you to spend less time on social media, and for Artists, means having even more time to create art.

Spending an hour or two a week, sitting down and planning your content ahead of time, is something I do recommend to many of my clients, and those who I have had consultation with.

But, with so much information about scheduling, and a plethora of different tools out there to help - where do you start?

This week I posted some 'Dos and Don'ts' for content scheduling on my Instagram channel, which I'm going to expand upon here.

DO schedule content in advance if it helps you post consistently

Posting consistently on social media isn't integral, but doing so can certainly help with engagement on many platforms. It also gives you more opportunity to reach your audience and be memorable in a very fast-paced environment.

To decide how often you post, can be a bit of trial and error, you certainly do not want to overwhelm your audience. Looking at your analytics for each platform can show you which time of day is best for you to post, and building your scheduler around this information is key.

DO research the different costs and abilities of a scheduler before choosing one

There are a lot of social media scheduling tools out there, some cater to specific platforms and some come with added features such as content creators and analytical tools.

The two I recommend to Artists most regularly are Later and Tailwind, because they have great free versions of the tools. For both of these schedulers, you can sign up for free and schedule a limited number of posts per month (usually around 1 per day - which is more than enough for most).

What differentiates the two is their layout, feel and the channels they operate within.

In the free version of Later you can,

  • schedule content for one batch of social media channels - meaning, 1 Instagram account, 1 Facebook account, 1 Twitter account, 1 Pinterest account etc.

  • Tweets posted with Later must have a photo or video attached

  • For Instagram, you can preview your grid as a whole to see how your posts look along side each other

In the free version of Tailwind you can,

  • schedule content for Pinterest and Instagram

  • You can also crosspost to Facebook

  • For instagram, you can also schedule stories and see hashtag research for your posts - allowing you to identify niche hashtags that are relevant to you

I personally prefer the layout of Tailwind, over Later, and also like that they have an in-built creator studio to help you make graphics that pop, but of course it does come with more channel limits too.

Other schedulers of note include:

Don't forget to engage with those you follow, organically

Once you start using a scheduler, it can be tempting to spend even less time on the social media channels you use. But it's important to ensure you are engaging with others on social media, instead of just dropping your content and exiting the app.

Don't forget to like your comments, save other people's posts and engage with fellow creators online. Not doing so, can even hurt your own engagement.

Don't be tempted to cross post your content across all of your channels

Finally, don't copy and paste your content across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, it is not just the format of these channels that is different, but the audience may be too. Your content should be speaking to certain audiences specifically, and so what works on Instagram for you will not necessarily translate well to Twitter. Each channel should have its own strategy, content pillars and tone of voice. So try to avoid letting yourself get lazy.

If you're still unsure how to schedule content and how to differentiate yourself between each of your channels, maybe you should book a 1-1 consultation with me to discuss how this can work for you and your social media specifically. Please get in touch :)

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