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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

One thing I love to show my clients, is examples of 'Best Practice', these are the creators and channels that I usually follow myself, for inspiration. Exploring the accounts and content of others is a great way to spark new ideas for your own channels, and figure out what type of social media user you want to be.

In this new blog series, I will explore several 'Best Practice' accounts in my industry, delving deep into their content strategy to demonstrate how and why they're the cream of the crop - and hopefully sharing some insights and tips YOU can adopt along the way.

For the first post in this series I will be discussing, perhaps the most enviable type of creator account: The One That Lets The ART Do The TALKING.

To demonstrate this, we're going to take a look at, perhaps one of my long-standing favourite creative accounts on social media: that of Wang & Söderström, the creative duo composed of Swedish designer Anny Wang and architect Tim Söderström. The pair create physical and digital art, and have collaborated with the likes of Adidas, Burberry, Nike, Rimowa and even the Nobel Prize Organisation.

Notably the duo are only present on two channels: Instagram and Vimeo, choosing to purposefully avoid those that aren't as visually driven. A choice which makes sense once you visit their feed, where their audience is treated to a kaleidoscope of pastel hues and abstract kinetic forms or sculptural pieces.

By opting out of the other platforms the pair demonstrate the power of minimalism in social media - and intelligently avoided stringing themselves into making content for content's sake.

And it works! - Helped largely through their artworks ability to come across very well digitally (sorry sculptors / conceptualists, this may not be the best strategy for you!)

In effect, Wang & Söderström have consciously stuck to one key principle: LET THE ART DO THE TALKING

This may seem simple! 'I'm an Artist, I'll just post pictures of my Art', but there are key pitfalls you can fall into - and many artists do.

So let's look a little bit at Wang & Söderström's strategy, to put into perspective, HOW, they execute this so well!

Looking through their feed, I've noticed at least 4 key content pillars, that the duo rely on to keep their content fresh, and escape trap of creating repetitive and banal posts.

Content Pillar 1: Works

The foundation of their content is of course their work, whether photographed by a savvy and style-minded photographer, or animated by the duo themselves into a snappy and wacky video, their work is at the forefront of their feed and provides endless art to drool over. It appears the pair mainly show completed works, over WIP, but nevertheless the execution of this kind of content differs each time, providing variety and breaking up repetitive gallery-like displays. In this way, they excel at creating engaging and exciting content for their audience, which undoubtedly drives their engagement levels.

Content Pillar 2: Media + Collaborations

Since the pair have many collaborations, this is another prominent pillar of their content, both with the media and with notable brands, you'll find the appropriate tags and bylines alongside every one. This is the peak of the professional nature of their practice and sits like an enviable CV to scroll through. Sharing your collaborations like this, often invites and encourages other brands to reach out.

Content Pillar 3: Community

Ever-conscious, the pair also occasionally reach out to their community, asking them how they spent their weekend, what their looking forward to in the new year etc., and usually share the sentiment with an updated profile photo, where the pair sit amongst their works or a digitally rendered backdrop. This pillar, whilst not as excessively relied upon, is important, it offers a hand out to their community and invites response, all whilst putting a familiar face to their work.

Content Pillar 4: Events + Exhibitions

Often working hand-in-hand with their works and collaborations, their final content drive comes from Events and Exhibitions, where they share pictures or posters of upcoming opportunities to see their work live, in person or digitally. Often this helps bridge the physical space between an artist and their social media audience, inviting them into the real world to experience their work first hand. This pillar is super important for many artists to develop an engaged and loyal following, and the pair execute these posts seamlessly - in a way that does not waver from the rest of their content's identity, even when they aren't the hosts themselves (see for yourself in this post they shared for an event with online media publication 'Its Nice That').

To wrap it up, the success of Wang & Söderström's social media presence comes from knowing when to hold back. In choosing to only commit to 2 social platforms, and allowing their work to speak for itself, the pair have amassed a loyal and engaged 45k+ followers, and perhaps gained a few collaborations and commissions along the way.

It is also important to note that the content they have created, although not posted on other socials by them, fails to leave a void. On Pinterest for example, their work will appear in many Art/Design related boards, having been shared by their loyal followers and media collaborators. Proving once again, that the quality of content surpasses the quantity of it.

In my next post for this Best Practice series, I'll be deciphering the unorthodox strategy of a long-standing British Cultural Institution... 'The Museum with a Sense of Humour'.

Until then, follow my socials Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, for more tips, news and guides!

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