5 Social Media Content Ideas for An Exhibition Launch!

Now that we have a roadmap back to physical exhibitions (fingers crossed), I thought I'd help my gallery social media managers out there, and anyone planning to organise their own exhibition, brush off some of those creative cobwebs.

There are many ways to get your audience hyped up for an exhibition launch (although, the promise of wine, food and leaving their homes for human and cultural interaction might just do the trick this time around).

When launching an exhibition, part of the digital promotion of the event will exist on your social media channels. So... here's 5 content ideas you can implement on these platforms before the opening night.

Keep it Simple

Share a picture of the exhibition poster, making sure to optimise the dimensions to fit whichever platform your posting on.

Make sure to include all of the relevant details of the event in the caption

* Name of event

* Location

* Where to get tickets (and pricing)

* Date

* Tag any important stakeholders (sponsors, collaborators, venues, artists etc.)

Also: Make sure to use a location tag in the post!

Behind The Scenes

You could also share a behind the scenes picture, which details any difficulties or specific challenges you overcame with the install / setup of the exhibition.

This can be a great way to start discussion within your community and get engagement from other Art professionals. It's key to own the challenges as well as the successes on social media.

Social Native Events

Organise an event native to one of your social media platforms, in the run up to the exhibition launch. This could be an Instagram Live, Artist Takeover, Live YouTube Stream, etc.

Pull back the curtain with this content and provide insight into the exhibition to create interest in the event. You could interview one of the exhibiting Artists, the Curator or even a member of the public!


Give critics and even members of the public, access to the event before the opening night.

You can then share any reviews or thoughts they had about the exhibition, such as article coverage, direct quotes, mini interview style videos and any social content they may have made.

This provides your audience with a third party recommendation / opinion about the event. Instead of you telling them why they need to see your exhibition, get other people to!


Create a piece of content that asks your audience to interact with you. This can include:

* Sharing one of the works in the exhibition to your story and asking for one word responses

* Create discussion around key themes within your exhibition, by asking your audience direct questions, via story or feed post

* Do a story Q&A where, you, a Curator, an Artist or a Critic, answers questions about the exhibition

* Create event specific hashtags and encourage your audience to use them (start early but continue this throughout the event)

* Give your audience a creative prompt, and encourage them to share the things they made / wrote in response

Getting your audiences input and encouraging them to interact beforehand will encourage them to visit the event in person too.

Extra Tip:

Save as many pictures of the exhibition as you can for posting when the event is live and after the event has ended. Don't give away too much of the experience on social.

Good luck with planning your exhibition - I can't wait to be sat in front of Art again!